Get Dragon Ball Z on Netflix with Custom Subtitles

A long running classic, Dragon Ball Z is easier to watch than ever!

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z follows it’s protagonist Goku who, with the help of his companions, defends the Earth against a wide assortment of villains. The show also follows the growth Goku’s son Gohan and features a lot of character development. The Saiyans are an extremely interesting race and it’s a fun to see the lore develop throughout the duration of the show.

While Funamation usually keeps the popular show under wrap, it’s recently been brought to Netflix for Japanese audiences. This is fantastic as it’s easier than ever to watch. Watch on Netflix today!

Keep reading if you’re having trouble accessing Dragon Ball Z from your country or if the subtitles aren’t quite right.

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Add Custom Subtitles to Netflix

If the show isn’t available with subtitles in your language you can actually add your own subtitles! We have a great article on how to do that which you can find here.

Looking for Subtitles in your language? Here are a couple sources where you might be able to find subtitles that work for you:

Look at our article if you’re looking for a way to pull in these subtitles into Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others.