Subtitles for Rick and Morty on Netflix

I was scrolling around on Japan’s Netflix using Hola VPN over the holidays and was appreciating just how many great shows you can watch this way. The one that really caught my eye however was a full 4 seasons of Rick and Morty. The power of browsing with a VPN knows no bounds.

Rick & Morty on Netflix

So I found a great episode, grabbed a bag of popcorn, and started the show. As it started I was happy to note that it’s available both dubbed and subbed in English as well as Japanese. That’s great because many shows aren’t available in English and when you find a great show, like One Punch Man, you have to find your own way to add subtitles to the show.

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Add Custom Subtitles to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Other Services

Aww Jeez Rick! If it isn’t available in your language you might not think you’d have much luck adding it to cart but that actually isn’t the case. If the show isn’t available with subtitles in your language you can actually add your own subtitles! We have a great article on how to do that which you can find here.

Looking for Subtitles in your language? Here are a couple sources where you might be able to find subtitles that work for you:

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