Best VPNs to Watch More Shows

Nothing to watch on Netflix? You can actually get a wider show selection using your existing streaming subscription with a VPN to get the same service as if you were traveling overseas. It’s cheap, safe, easy to install and offers a wider selection of shows to enjoy.

Photo by Petter Lagson on Unsplash

Get started by downloading an app to run on your computer or smart phone. After installing you’ll be able to select a country to connect to. After connecting, you’ll experience the internet as if you were a person browsing from that country.

Due to licensing restrictions, shows may only play in a few countries as there may be other agreements for the same show somewhere else. For example, you can get a subscription to HBO on Amazon Prime Video in the US but can only subscribe online using Crave in Canada. Prior agreements make it hard to put the same show in more than one country on the same service.

While it isn’t illegal to browse with a VPN, these streaming sites have to take action to keep these VPNs from violating their licensing terms. So, as long as VPNs keep getting better and streaming companies keep updating to block VPN traffic everything just keeps going.

What this means for you is that you should use a few services and not lock down on just one. From time to time an update will come out and one of these services will get blocked. When that happens, switch to another service and keep enjoying the show.

Here’s a list of our favorite VPN providers:

Nord VPN

NordVPN is our VPN of choice for Streaming as one of its key offerings is ability to work for the major streaming services. Having traveled to the US, Japan, Germany, and Canada we can attest that their service works great no matter where you live for providing access to more channels.

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Proton VPN

ProtonVPN is another option that we like using for streaming and email actually. They’re run by a Swiss company and takes security extremely seriously providing their users a lot of options that help protect their data. For a more secure option that might not work for as many streaming services go give ProtonVPN a try.

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Other VPNs To Try

While we haven’t tried other options because the above two have worked well for us, there are other options. Like we said above, you may want to have a few different services to try out in case some shows aren’t available on your main VPN. Here are a few more options: